15 Best Premium Touring Winter Tires for Passenger Cars in 2022/2023

Premium Touring Winter tires intended for small and mid-size Passenger cars that mostly drive within the city. They must provide reliable dry and wet grip, stable snow performance and high aquaplaning resistance. Also they should be quiet and comfortable.

We are introducing 15 best rated Premium Touring Winter tires of 2022/2023 intended for compact Passenger Cars with rim sizes from 14 to 16 in different price category.

Continental WinterContact TS860

Continental TS860 replaced the Continental TS850 – one of the most popular and safety winter tire that regularly took leading places in difference tests.

The new model saved directional tread pattern and got an updated rubber compound called “Cool Chili” that contains more silica and special polymers. Compared to its predecessor TS 860 has 5% shorter wet braking distance and 4% better on the ice.

It’s a well-balanced winter tire and great choice for everyday using.

Dunlop Winter Response 2

The model by English brand Dunlop (nowadays belongs to American Goodyear) was launched in 2013.

One of the main features of the tire is using the “Reverse Snow Guide” technology that looks unusual: the central part of the tire tread has reverse direction. Dunlop engineers consider this feature captures snow in the centerline of the tire tread and increases contact spot that improves tire’s braking and accelerating qualities. In addition compared to its predecessor the new model got 29% bigger number of lamellas that increases snow and wet grip.

Nice and safety tire for any winter roads.

Goodyear UltraGrip 9

Goodyear UG9 replaced its predecessor in 2014 and continued the legendary series with a long history – UltraGrip.

The model shows one of the best results on the wet among similar premium tires. On the dry and snow it has a bit worse grip but good and safety overall. Good choice for comfortable and safety driving in any winter situation.

Michelin Alpin 6

The model was launched in 2018 and replaced its predecessor in Alpin product line.

The main feature of the novelty is the evolutive tread pattern: grooves emerge and widen as the tire wears. This proprietary technology called “Evergrip” and provides short snow braking distance even the tire worn.  And the model proves it in numerous tests.

Good choice for long and safe using in winter conditions.

Nokian WR D4

The model was launched in 2015.

It’s a premium touring winter tire with directional tread pattern by Finnish manufacturer. The tire designed for soft winter conditions and has a lot of different innovations: special rubber compound, Polished Grooves, Slush Blower, Snow Performance Blocks, Stiff Handling Block etc. They all improve the tire’s performance on snow, dry and wet roads.

Safety tire for everyday using.

Pirelli Cinturato Winter

The tire by Italian manufacturer was launched in 2016.

Compared to its predecessor the new model got an optimized tread pattern, more lamellas and an updated rubber compound. It all improved Pirelli’s snow braking and traction, aquaplaning resistance and comfort.

The tire regularly takes part in tests and shows good results.

Vredestein Snowtrac 5

The model replaced Vredestein Snowtrac 3 in 2014.

The novelty saved directional tread pattern but otherwise received many improvements. First of all it applies to lamellas: they changed shape and design and their number increased by 30%. All it improved tire’s snow grip and traction. Also the tire got central rib that improves directional stability and handling.

Tire shows balanced results in tests and its excellent choice for winter season.

Bridgestone Blizzak LM001 EVO

Model was launched in 2017/2018 winter season and replaced the well-known Bridgestone LM001. The tread of the new model has been bolstered with optimized transverse channels that increased grip and driving stability on snow and wet roads.

In difference tests LM001 EVO shows the best results on the wet and dry, whereas on a snow it is slightly loses to other premium competitors.

Hankook Winter i*Cept RS2 W452

The first Korean-made tire in the rating.

Model was launched in 2015 and replaced the Hankook W442. Compared to its predecessor the novelty got optimized tread pattern and 5% bigger contact area that improved wet and dry grip. Also Korean engineers added silica into the rubber compound for better snow performance.

In tests Hankook shows high aquaplaning resistance and balanced qualities at any surfaces that combined to low price makes it a good choice for winter using.

Barum Polaris 5

Barum Polaris 5 replaced successful Barum Polaris 3 in 2018/2019 winter season.

One of the reasons to buy Barum is – it’s a part of the German Continental group that guarantees high quality products. The novelty saved directional tread pattern but got some innovations for improving wet and snow grip. In many tests it shows good and stable results at any winter roads.

It’s a well balanced budget winter tire and great choice for those drivers who don’t want pay extra for a brand.

Kleber Krisalp HP3

The model replaced Kleber Krisalp HP2 in 2016.

Like Barum, Kleber shows great snow performance: in tests it has shorter braking distance and higher handling speed than some premium brands. In addition it has low price and shows good results on the wet and dry make it a good choice for winter driving.

Semperit Master Grip 2

This is an economy-class tire by the Austrian manufacturer that nowadays belongs to the German Continental group.

The model doesn’t show good results on dry: it has relatively long braking distance and low handling speed compared to similar category tires. But the main advantage is snow performance that is more important for winter tires. In many tests it shows shorter braking distance and better traction even some premium and more expensive brands.

Great choice for quiet city driving in winter conditions for low price.

Yokohama BluEarth Winter V905

This “green” tire based on the Yokohama Winter V905 and corresponds to European environmental standards. The model was launched in 2017/2018 winter season.

Like many others Yokohama models the novelty doesn’t have any obvious advantages or disadvantages. It has good and stable dry performance, a bit worse on wet. On snow it loses to other premium brands but shows safety results overall.

Falken Eurowinter HS01

The model was launched in 2016.

The main goal for Japanese engineers was to design a tire that provides high aquaplaning resistance and good grip on ice, snow and wet. To achieve this they used Miura-Ori 3D sipe technology for better performance on winter roads and special rubber compound with 4D-Nano Design technology that improves wear resistance and wet grip.

The tire regularly takes  part in tests and shows good and stable results. Combined to low price it’s a great choice for winter city driving.

Debica Frigo 2

The rating is closing the tire by Polish manufacturer Debica that belongs to the American Goodyear.

This is one of the cheapest models in its class with poor wet and dry performance. But its main advantage is snow performance: in many tests Debica shows shorter braking distance and better traction than more expensive and famous brands.

Good budget choice for quiet city driving.

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