15 Best Summer Premium Touring Tires in 2022 For Compact Cars

Small family cars are designed for quiet driving on city roads. However, need to be fully responsible for choosing right tires. They should provide high aquaplaning resistance and short dry and wet braking distance. In addition they must be comfortable, quiet and have good wear resistance.

We are introducing 15 best rated Touring and Premium Touring Summer tires of 2022 for Compact cars with rim sizes from 14 to 16 in different price category.

Bridgestone Turanza T005

The tire replaced the Bridgestone Turanza T001 Evo in 2018. The model received an asymmetric tread pattern and is available in a huge range of sizes and is used as factory equipment for some Lexus models.

In tests it demonstrates good dry and wet performance, low rolling resistance and high wear resistance.

Continental Premium Contact 6

The 2017 model from a German concern combining two models at once: PremiumContact 5 and SportContact 5 (both of them repeatedly won various independent tests). Its goal is to provide a quiet, comfortable and safe ride but at the same time to maintain excellent performance at high speeds. Compared to its predecessors the tire has 15% greater wear resistance and 10% lower noise level.

It’s a good choice for those who want the optimal balance of comfort and sporting character.

Dunlop Sport BluResponse

A relatively old model in the assortment of English brand (was released in 2013 to replace the predecessor Dunlop SP Fast Response), which has not lost its popularity so far and is able to compete with many premium brands.

The tire demonstrates balanced high results in braking and handling on dry and wet and also offers high fuel efficiency and wear resistance.

Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance

The model replaced its predecessor in 2013.

The key feature of the tire was using ActiveBraking technology: the tread blocks received a three-dimensional construction that allowed increasing the contact area between the tire and the road, thereby improving braking performance on dry and wet. In addition, the tire itself consists of two different rubber compounds: the first one is responsible for wet grip and the second one increases fuel efficiency. Also, to reduce the rolling resistance, engineers optimized the tread pattern and lightened the tire construction that ultimately resulted in 18% fuel savings compared to its predecessor.

In the end, the American manufacturer released a quiet, comfortable, economical and safe tire, which is suitable for a quiet city ride and on the highway.

Hankook Kinergy Eco 2 K435

A novelty in the line of “green” tires from the Korean manufacturer released in 2017.

Compared to its predecessor (Hankook Kinergy Eco K425) there were no significant changes in tread design. The novelty has retained an asymmetric pattern, central continuous ribs and three wide drainage grooves. In tests, the tire also shows good balanced results that are combined with a low price and economy and makes it an excellent choice for urban use.

Pirelli Cinturato P1 Verde

Another “green” summer tire with an asymmetrical tread pattern from an Italian manufacturer. Low fuel consumption, high wear resistance, excellent balanced wet and dry performance – qualities for which this model is very popular among drivers.

Michelin Primacy 4

A comfortable and quiet summer tire with an asymmetric tread pattern, replaced the Michelin Primacy 3 in 2018.

In the new model, French engineers worked out the composition of the rubber compound and added special elastomers to it that increased the wear resistance of the tire and also improved wet grip. Another innovation was using of longitudinal drainage grooves of two types: a rectangular shape and a trapezoidal shape with a narrowing to the foundation. Due to this, as the tire wears, the contact spot of the tire increases, and its braking properties improve.

It’s a reliable choice for urban use and on a highway.

Vredestein Sportrac 5

A summer tire with an asymmetric tread pattern and a sporty design from the Dutch manufacturer that replaced the Vredestein Sportrac 3 in 2012.

The tire has repeatedly participated in various independent tests, showed balanced good results on dry and wet and was highly praised by experts.

Nokian Wetproof

A novelty from the Finnish manufacturer replaced the Nokian Line in 2019.

The model uses the proprietary concept Dual Zone Safety (“double safety zone”), where the tread pattern is conditionally divided into two halves – the outer Stability zone and the inner Wet Safety Zone. The first is responsible for the maneuverability and controllability of the tire on a dry. And the second is responsible for traction on a wet and for resistance to aquaplaning. Moreover, there are other innovations in the tire that not only improve its condition on the road but also reduce the noise level, increase comfort and wear resistance.

It’s a good balanced choice for daily use.

Uniroyal RainExpert 3

The “Rain Expert” from the Belgian Uniroyal, now owned by the German Continental.

The tire has a pronounced asymmetric tread pattern and is one of the safest for riding in the rain and on a wet. This is achieved through the patented Shark Skin Technology (SST) – the so-called “shark skin” technology that significantly increases the resistance to aquaplaning of the tire. Meanwhile, on a dry, the tire also provides a good braking distance and handling, that makes it a reliable choice for city driving.

Fulda EcoControl HP

A summer “green” tire from the German manufacturer Fulda (that belongs to the American concern Goodyear) was released in 2012 and received an asymmetric tread pattern.

The tests show balanced average results on a dry and wet, good fuel efficiency and comfort.  It’s a German quality with an affordable price.

Kumho Ecsta HS51

Initially, the model was created in specifying comfort and belonged to the «Solus» product line. However, in practice, its sporting qualities were significantly higher than expected, so in 2015 the manufacturer transferred it to the «Ecsta» line (sports tire series), while maintaining a balance of qualities between high-speed performance and comfort.

In tests, the tire shows high aquaplaning resistance and balanced average results on a dry and wet.

Firestone RoadHawk

2016 summer tire from the American company Firestone, which is currently owned by the Japanese Bridgestone.

The model has an asymmetric tread design with four deep longitudinal grooves that increase aquaplaning resistance. In most sizes, it is assigned the highest wet grip class – “A”, that indicates its excellent braking performance and handling.

It’s a profitable ratio of cost and quality.

Toyo Proxes CF2

Another model from the Japanese brand.

The tire was launched in 2012 and received the classic tread design: asymmetric pattern, 4 deep longitudinal grooves for good water drainage. The tests show balanced average results, with no significant disadvantage or advantages.

Falken ZIEX ZE310 EcoRun

And the rating is closed by another tire from the Japanese manufacturer – Falken, released in 2018 to replace its predecessor – Falken Ziex ZE914.

The model received an asymmetric tread design and does not differ in outstanding results in braking and handling, but in general, with an affordable price and good fuel economy, it ensures safe trips in the city.

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