10 Best Ice & Snow Winter Tires for Passenger Cars in 2020/2021

Ice & Snow studless tires are the most balanced choice ready for all winter conditions. They show good wet and dry performance and also provide stable and safety grip on icy and snowy roads. Of course they lose to studded tires on ice but offer more comfortable and quiet driving experience.

We are introducing 10 best rated Snow & Ice Tires for Passenger cars in 2021/2022 winter season.

Bridgestone Blizzak WS80

The model replaced well-known Bridgestone Blizzak WS70 in 2018.

The novelty saved directional tread pattern and got innovative rubber compound named “Multicell” increases tire’s wet grip and save its performance at low temperatures. Also it got optimized tread block design with 20% bigger number of cutting edge that 10% improve snow traction compared to its predecessor.

In tests it shows good results at any surfaces makes it good choice for winter driving.

Continental VikingContact 7

The model was launched in 2018/2019 winter season.

Unlike the Continental VikingContact 6 the 7th generations of the tire got directional tread pattern and increased performances: 7% higher aquaplaning resistance, 6% shorter ice braking distance and 4% better snow and ice handling.

In many tests it regularly takes leading positions and shows itself as a well-balanced tire ready for any winter situations.

Goodyear UltraGrip Ice 2

The model was released in 2014 and replaced the Goodyear UltraGrip Ice+ that was highly appreciated by independent experts of different automobile magazines and organizations. One of the most decisions that helped to improve tire’s snow and ice performance was special technology “ActiveGrip” that provides reliable contact with slippery winter roads and excellent ice grip.

In tests it shows one of the best wet and dry performance but average on snow and ice.

Michelin X-ice Xi3

The model replaced Michelin XI2 in 2012.

Compared to its predecessor the novelty got 15% bigger number of tread blocks increased its ice performance: 7% shorter braking distance and 17% better traction. On snow, wet and dry the tire provides safety and comfortable driving as well makes it nice choice for winter roads.

Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3

The model was launched in 2018 and continued the legendary winter series Hakkapeliitta. In the new model Nokian engineers saved directional pattern tread and used innovative technology “Arctic Sense Grip” that improves ice handling and traction.

In tests tire shows balanced and good results on dry and wet, ice and snow. In addition R3 model has lower rolling resistance even than summer tires, which makes it great choice not only for standard cars, but also for electric and hybrid cars.

Pirelli Ice Zero FR

The tire was launched in 2015.

Like its predecessor (Pirelli IceControl) the new model saved directional tread pattern but got optimized tread blocks size and location. As results its contact area in central part increased by 16% and in outside shoulders area by 45% improves its performance at any winter roads.

Well balanced and safety tire mostly for city driving.

Hankook Winter icept iZ2 W616

Tire replaced the Hankook W606 in 2015/2016 winter season.

The first thing Korean engineer’s changed in their new model is a tread pattern type: it becomes directional (unlike symmetrical in previous model). Also they reduced tread blocks size but 20% increased their number and the numbers of 3D-lamellas that improved tire’s ice and snow grip. For better performance at low temperatures and good wet grip the new rubber compound contains silica.

It’s a well-balanced and inexpensive winter tire for everyday driving.

Nokian Nordman RS2

Nordman is a budget series of winter studless tires by Finnish Nokian.

Nordman RS2 has directional pattern tread and based on the discontinued Nokian Hakkapeliitta R, which was very popular among drivers for a long time. Despite low price, the tire has great ice and snow performance, and is a very safety tire for winter driving.

Yokohama iceGUARD iG60

The model replaced the Yokohama IG50+ in 2017/2018 winter season. It has asymmetrical tread pattern and compared to its predecessor shows 5% better wet and 15% ice performance, lower noise and rolling resistance.

In tests it shows mostly average results at any winter roads without any obvious advantages or disadvantages. Well-balanced middle class tire for safety winter driving.

Sava Eskimo Ice

And closes the rating Slovenian Sava that nowadays belongs to the Goodyear.

The model has directional tread pattern with central longitudinal rib for better handling and big number of transverse lamellas increases tire’s grip.

In many tests it shows the best results on a wet: compared to some more expensive and premium brand it has shorter braking distance, better handling and higher aquaplaning resistance. On ice and snow the results are slightly worse but stable and safety overall.

Nice model for quiet city driving and those drivers who don’t want overpay.

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