10 Best All Season Tires in 2022 For Passenger Cars

A seasonal change of wheels is a headache for many drivers. An especially in region with mild winter, where temperature rarely drops below 0 ° C, and snow does not fall often. And in this case all-season tires can relieve this headache.

The modern rubber compound provides the tire with a reliable grip in both hot and cold weather. And a well-thought-out tread design will provide the necessary snow traction while maintaining good dry and wet handling.

We are introducing 10 best rated All-Season tires in 2022 for Passenger cars. These are models from different price categories that will provide comfortable driving and confident grip both in summer and in winter conditions.

Bridgestone Weather Control A005

The 2018 novelty from Japanese manufacturer opens the rating.

The tire received a directional tread pattern and combines the best developments of winter models in combination with a special composition of the rubber compound. Due to this, it provides high snow performance and also guarantees good dry and wet grip at any time of the year.

In the same 2018, experts of independent organization TÜV SÜD compared the model with one of its main premium competitors – Michelin Crossclimate +, where Bridgestone showed a shorter snow and wet braking distance. In most other tests, the tire also shows good results.

Nice choice for everyday using.

Michelin CrossClimate+

The model replaced its predecessor in 2017.

The tire received a directional tread pattern with transverse lamellas and deep aqua drainage system that provides good dry and wet performance, high aqua and slush resistance. The rubber compound contains silica, polymers and plasticizers that also improve the tire’s grip and additionally increase its wear resistance and fuel economy.

In tests, the tire usually shows better dry and wet performance in comparison to winter tires, but still inferior to them in snow traction.

Continental AllSeasonContact

A Premium Touring All-Season model of 2017 with a directional tread pattern. Designed for regions with mild winter and installation on compact and medium-sized cars.

In tests it stably takes a leading position and shows extremely balanced results on any road surfaces. It is a worthy choice for year-round use.

Vredestein Quatrac 5

The 2014 model from the Dutch manufacturer received an asymmetric tread pattern, conventionally divided into two halves: the inner “winter” and the outer “summer”.

The winter side is characterized by a large number of lamellas that improve snow traction and slippery surfaces. And the summer part is a wide shoulder with fewer lamellas, which is responsible for traction on the pavement.

This is a very balanced tire, which in many disciplines, even slightly, but exceeds most all-season analogues (including more expensive ones).

Pirelli Cinturato All Season+

The 2017 model from the Italian manufacturer, designed for small city cars that are exploited in regions with a mild climate.

The tire received a directional tread pattern with a central continuous rib and two longitudinal channels that help to remove moisture and melted snow from under the contact spot.

In tests, it shows very balanced results mostly in winter conditions, and therefore is an excellent choice for year-round use.

Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons Gen-2

The previous model – Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-1 has long been one of the best among all-weather tires and has demonstrated high performance on any road surface. So the development of the line and the release of a new model was only a matter of time.

The novelty received a more directional tread patter, as well as an optimized shape and arrangement of tread blocks that significantly improved its performance.

In the comparative tests of the German organization TÜV SÜD, its braking distance was 6% shorter on a wet, 9% on ice and 8% on snow, compared to the average results of the main competitors.

It is a balanced all-season model that provides high security and relieves the headache of the seasonal “changing shoes”.

Nokian Weatherproof

The all-season model that received an aggressive directional tread pattern with powerful tread blocks, the more it resembles a winter tire. However, Finnish engineers paid great attention to the rubber compound and made it less susceptible to the negative influence of plus temperature. Therefore, the tire can be used confidently in summer time without fear that it will wear itself out quickly and perform its functions poorly.

In tests, it demonstrates its best qualities on snow (the influence of a rough pattern), where it demonstrates even better grip and traction than some winter competitors, but it is inferior to them on dry and wet.

Hankook Kinergy 4S2 H750

2018 model from a South Korean manufacturer.

Unlike its predecessor, the novelty received a directional tread pattern that became more similar to most competitors. The new design improved tire’s grip, increased snow traction and also provided aqua and slush resistance. To maintain high performance at low temperature, the rubber compound was modified using natural raw materials.

The result is an extremely balanced all-season tire that provides a short braking distance and confident handling on any winter conditions.

Fulda MultiControl

The first all-season model in the German Fulda product line, introduced in 2016.

The tire has a pronounced directional tread pattern with a large number of transverse lamellas and, in the whole, proves itself worthy in tests. In tests from the German Auto Bild, the tire performed very well on a snow, where it showed a close result to the Nokian WeatherProof, and in braking and handling on the asphalt, it performed on the same level with Vredestein or Goodyear.

In combination with a relatively low price, this is a good balanced tire for year-round use.

Kleber Quadraxer 2

The 2016 model with a directional tread pattern closes the rating and is a complete analogue of BFGoodrich g-Grip All Season 2. It is not surprising because both brands belong to the French Michelin.

Despite the small number of transverse lamellas, in tests the tire behaves confidently on a snow, provides average results on a dry and little bit keeps up on a wet. But overall, this is a good budget choice for a quiet urban use 365 days a year.

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